Styling your shots

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Whether you prefer dark and sultry, or a light, bright and minimal look, your brand image should always be consistent, for the most part.

Create a certain mood for your brand.

Thinking of some brand giants out there which are instantly recognisable just by their consistent style. So, how do you decide on yours?

“Think about your target audience and the feeling or mood you want your brand/product to induce”.

Personally, I find my aesthetic alters and changes all the time, however, there are certain styles which stay true. I love the industrial or foundry feel, I also adore punchy, striking images incorporating some depth of field to create a certain "mood" and I love how these images can tell a story.

"Pinterest is a powerful tool for inspiration".

Create boards for your ideas and get inspired by what others are doing. You can keep boards for your eyes only, or share with the world! I use Pinterest everyday for one reason or another and take much inspiration from doing so.

Props and backdrops

Photo styling prop selection

Choosing the right props should be given careful consideration. Along with colours and style - be that luxury, foundry, modern or old-world, props can help get your brand message across.

Whether you choose a simple selection, or you prefer a busier situation, go with what feels right for you. I have any manner of props and if blooms are your thing, I will source fresh or seasonal flowers and foliage where possible to fit with your requirements.

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